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    Cornerstone Jewelry Designs

    • What's new at Cornerstone

      Posted on January 6, 2014 by lisa

      We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! 2013 was a wonderful year here at Cornerstone, and we're very excited for 2014. We recently implemented our free shipping both ways return policy, to make ordering and returning easy and hassle free. We also got rid of the minimum purchase amount for free shipping. And even though returning personalized items is a big no no at most jewelry stores, we allow exchanges on personalized rings for a $10 fee.  So if that ring you ordered is a little too small, you're not stuck with it! And to make things even better,  We're starting off the year with a "Happy New Year" sale. Take 10% off your purchase (no minimum!) with coupon code 2014.

      In 2013 we added a few new original designs, such as the "Forever" Birthstone Purity Ring, and the "Create in me a pure heart" Stainless steel ring. We'll be adding more original designs in 2014, along with new items from our favorite manufacturers. We also plan on increasing our engraving capabilities so look for more engraving options to come.



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    • Worth The Wait

      Posted on July 25, 2012 by lisa

      I've had the opportunity and privilege to speak with a few girls this week regarding purity. Every now and then, we'll get an online chat request about this topic. Usually it happens when we're super busy, so I need to take a deep breath and ask the Lord for the right words to say. And to remind myself not to worry about the phone ringing, or emails coming in..they're very important but they can wait a moment. These opportunities to communicate with girls about this topic are golden. I cannot diminish their importance. God has called us to this as not only a business but as a ministry to glorify Him. My heart breaks when I speak with girls who don't realize something truly important--that they are WORTH waiting for. I spoke with a girl who doesn't know how to talk to her mom about this; and her mom has never had any sort of "talk" with her about this topic. She said everything she knows about sex is from television, magazines, songs, and movies. I was sad for her. Media has grossly distorted what God had intended. I explained to her that her purity is a gift from God. We had a wonderful conversation about trusting in Christ, why waiting until marriage is important, and much more.

      Moms: (and dads), Please have this talk with your daughters. Please have it sooner than later. It's difficult to talk about, but believe me, they already probably know more than you think. They'll get information from their friends, from t.v--so give them the right information first; so they know the facts. There are many resources to help you get started. You can start small. Start by telling your daughters that they are worth waiting for God's plan in their lives. Tell them that you love them and that you're always there for them to talk about ANYTHING they want. No matter how awkward. Build a trust with them that will last all through their teenage years into adulthood. Girls: talk to your moms. They love you so much. They were teenage girls once too (believe it or not!). They faced a lot of the same pressures as you do. They're not perfect, they know that too. But they love you and will always be there for you. And girls, if you don't have anyone to turn to & need help, remember our email's always open. Much love :)

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    • New Favorites in Christian Jewelry

      Posted on April 14, 2012 by lisa

      Spring is the perfect time to add some new items to your jewelry collection. Here's some of our favorites.

      1. Saved Heart Clear Stone Purity Ring: I love this ring, it's one of my new favorites. We designed this ring in house to complement our original "Saved Heart" Purity Ring. This new ring has a heart shaped crystal, set in sterling silver. Looks like a chain protecting your heart. One side of the heart is engraved with "Saved", the other side is engraved with "heart." It comes with our Saved Heart poem card & gift box.

      2. Cross True Love Waits Ring: This new addition is perfect for you guys out there. This wide band ring is 10mm stainless steel. It has a comfort fit shape so it's comfortable to wear. You can even personalize the inside.

      3. Open Heart Cross Earrings: These earrings are super cute & affordable. Only $6.95 for these beauties. They'll be a great addition to your spring/summer wardrobe & won't break the bank. They make a great graduation gift too! So grab a pair for you & a friend.

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    • Top 5 Picks in Christian Jewelry

      Posted on February 16, 2012 by lisa

      We have our top 5 picks in Christian Jewelry for February. Here they are!

      1. Birthstone Purity Ring: This ring is a classic beauty. Sterling silver interlocking hearts, set with a heart shaped Swarovski birthstone crystal. I love this ring. It's a top seller with rave reviews. You can even engrave the inside of the ring to make it uniquely your own.
      2. Jeremiah 29:11 Scripture Ring: You'll love this scripture ring. It's a 5mm solid sterling silver band, engraved with the entire verse Jeremiah 29:11, with a scripture reference inside the ring. The ring is simple but meaningful. Of course the words are small, but that's the only way you can fit an entire verse on a 5mm band.
      3. Black Iron Cross for Guys: Looking for a great cross necklace for a guy? This is it. Upgraded Solid Stainless Steel cross with high polish finish outer frame and ebony middle. Front and back side Scripture is electroplated into the cross. Front side reads “"The Peace Of God Which Surpasses All Understanding, Shall Guard Your Hearts And Minds In Christ Jesus. I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Is My Strength.” Back side reads “Philippians 4:7, 13”. Cross size 1 3/4" x 1". 20" or 24” length high polished 316L stainless steel curb chain. He'll love it!
      4. Trust In the Lord Scripture Bangle: This is a gift she'll love. Whether you're shopping for your mom, a friend, or a teenager, You can't go wrong with a scripture bangle! Fine silver plated bangle with Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart."
        Comes beautifully packaged, ready for gift giving.
      5. Crown Necklace: Do you have a princess in your life? Let her know it! I love this necklace for it's sparkle but also for it's wonderful message.This sterling silver necklace features a crown charm inscribed with Zechariah 9:16 and a clear crystal. Comes on an 18 inch curb chain. 9/16" H x 11/16" W. Comes in a beautiful box, perfect for gift giving.

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    • thankful...

      Posted on November 12, 2011 by lisa

      It's hard to believe it's almost Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for. Life has been so busy I haven't had much time to stop and think about all I'm thankful for. And now with Christmas around the corner (I know, I know!) life is only going to get busier! I'm so thankful for my family, friends, and all of our customers that we've had the privilege to serve over the last four years. This last year has been especially exciting with the launch of our new jewelry store, Liz Nicole. I love searching the latest jewelry trends, and I especially love the opportunities I've had over the last few years to design a few pieces myself. But my favorite part of my job is hearing from all of you--I love talking with youth pastors, teens, moms, dads & our wholesale customers....I'm so blessed to hear about how many people are making this commitment to purity. This  year we'll be working on adding new designs, and updating our website. We would love to hear from you with comments, suggestions, etc. Thank you for your loyalty & hope to serve you again soon.

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    • New Year, New Styles

      Posted on January 13, 2011 by lisa

      I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We're back to work and enjoying the beginning of a new year. We're starting off the new year with two new rings, both in stainless steel. We've carefully designed these new rings with quality in mind. We've designed a "True Love Waits" ring in carved stainless steel.  The chiseled letters stand out & make a bold statement. We've gotten great feedback on the style, quality & comfort. The "True Love Waits" Carved Stainless Steel ring is on sale now for $10.95, regular price $13.95. Personalize the inside with up to 30 characters to make it uniquely your own. The second style is a solid black pated stainless steel band.  Personalize the band however you want; inside, outside, or both!

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    • Coming Soon--Birthstone Purity Ring

      Posted on October 8, 2010 by lisa

      We're excited about our new addition to our purity ring collection--and it will be here in just a few days. The ring is called our "Birthstone Purity Ring." Item CJDR14. This beautiful sterling silver ring has a heart shaped birthstone, and sterling silver linking hearts. Retail Price $29.95 

      Order now and your ring will will ship on Thursday, October 14th.

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    • Survey Feedback

      Posted on July 15, 2010 by lisa

      Hope you're all enjoying your summer. It's going too fast, as always!

      We received great feedback from our surveys, thanks to our friends on Twitter who helped us out! Your honest opinions & feedback were very important to us.  What did we find out? Here's what the girls said:
      1. Quality is most important when selecting a purity ring

           We asked what was the most important thing when selecting a purity ring. Hands down every girl answered "Quality" That's what we think too! We  get asked why we don't carry more stainless steel purity rings, like other websites. The answer is simple: The quality. We've carried stainless steel purity rings in the past, and found that the black writing is just stamped, and can wear off within a few weeks (or days).   We want our customers to wear their rings for as long as they want--and have them look just as good years from now as today!

      2. Girls want to follow fashion trends, but also want something that's personal to them

            We asked girls which was more important, buying a ring because it's the latest style, or picking something unique & personal. Girls said they want both! And I totally get that! That's why getting a purity ring like "true love waits with hearts" and having it engraved inside is the best of both worlds.

      Thanks again to the focus group who participated! You girls are awesome :)

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    • Thanks for the feedback!

      Posted on April 19, 2010 by lisa

      The best part of my job is receiving feedback from girls and guys from all over the world about their commitment to purity. Here's an email we received from one of our customers. I loved his email because he's a living example for his little brother!
      "Thank you very much. I'm really glad that you offer this type of item.
      My brother's birthday is coming up on the 13th and he is going to be
      16 years old. I'm so proud that he has been able to stand firm in his
      beliefs and kept himself pure up to this point. I saw this online and
      thought it would be a great way to honor his dedication to the Lord
      and to himself. It's my hope that this ring will show him my support
      in what he is doing. I am 22 and my wife is 24, we got married this
      past July and kept ourselves pure for our wedding day as a
      commitment to the Lord and a declaration to everyone watching that
      it can be done. It was a huge turning point for many of our friends.
      We thank our Lord for all that he has brought us through and is going
      to sustain our family through.
      I hope that you will continue to sell this ring in the future. I plan on
      buying more of them to give to my friends and family members as
      they reach this certain point in their lives like my brother did. Again,
      thank for this gift."
      Thank you Joel for being such an encouragment to others and leading by example.

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    • New Styles Coming Soon...

      Posted on December 2, 2009 by lisa

      We have 5 new designs--one arrived last week and the other 4 will be here soon! Very exciting! We have a new "Purity" pendant and ring (as shown). The new "True Love Waits" design is nothing like you've seen before.  Picture bold colors in tattoo inspired jewelry.  We expect these new styles to arrive within the next few weeks.

      Our other design which just arrived is a "true love waits" ring with the writing on the inside of  a solid sterling silver band. The flat edge, 5mm width band is perfect for both guys and girls. This is a perfect ring if you want to make this commitment and keep it personal.

      And in other very exciting news, you'll be able to customize your purity ring with a personal engraved message. (More details on that in another post!)

      So that's it for now! Check back for more updates on new product releases.

      Sterling Silver Purity Ring with Red Enamel Hearts, Available in whole sizes 5-9

      New Design Sterling Silver Pendant with Red Enamel Hearts

      New Design Sterling Silver Pendant with Red Enamel Hearts

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